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 A product will be only exchange in the followings conditions:

•If the receive product is not order by the client.
•If the problem is because of manufacture of the product.
•Change of height, color or for another model different from the requested one.
•For the exchange, both the packing and the product must be in perfect conditions.
•It has a term of 15 days to return the product, following all the indications of return and exchange policy.
•In no case, the company returns the money. Instead, it will exchange the product for another article that the client wishes.

Changes or returns are not accepted if:

•The product shows signs to have been used.
•If the product is broken either because was being try on, or it is break with the fingernails or with some object as rings etc.
•In cases, where the product is interior clothes, for no motive changes will be realized.
•When it does not have the original packing or the packing is in bad conditions.
•If the product is of more than two pieces and some of them are missing.
•The costs of mailing products not accepted for exchange by the company will be pay by the client. This point of coverage applies only for the purchasing of products on retail.

Policy of procedures.

•It has a term of 15 days to return the product, following all the indications of return and exchange policy.
•The cost of mailing for any change will be pay by the client.
•The mailing will be done the same day of the order, all order will have to be pay by credit card, debit or in Money order when mail by COD, in case that the package sent by COD is not returned to us because of the client these costs must be covered by the client.
•The mailing will take the time that the company calculates for every state, which is a period of time of 2 to 5 working days depending on the state where the package is directed.
•For special mailing, in which the client wishes rapid delivery, over charge will be covered by the client.
•The company is not responsible for errors in the direction, when these are caused by the client in the moment of providing the information.
•Out of the country mailing, the client will be over charge. The company is not responsible for the procedure done in every country or inconsistency.
•The cost of mailing, changes depending on weight and volume of the package, also of the place where it is sent.

Causes for not mailing an order.

•You will be notify by e-mail or telephone the reason why your product was not mail.
•If your credit card was not approved.
•If the product is not available.
•If the address provided by the client does not exist.
•If the client ask for products regularly or in justify returns in various occasions.
•We reserve the right in case of exchange and returns.

Cancellation of an order.

•You will be able to cancel an order at any time by e-mail, telephone or fax, as long as the product has not been mailed. Once the product has being mail no changes will be done to your order.

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